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Roundtable With The G.I.Joe Product Team

Many thanks to Bobby Bee of BeesBattlegrounds for the heads up on a product round table held today with the G.I.Joe Team!

The team sat down with multiple fan outlets (my invitation was lost in the mail I supposed) to discuss G.I.Joe Classified and upcoming offerings! Here’s the scoop of what was shared –

AFIHasbro Pulse Troop Builders? Hasbro: They would love do extra troop builder packs. Working on an extended presence for the G.I. Joe brand on Hasbro Pulse. No details can be released as of yet.

Adventures in CollectingAre there plans to bring back older G.I. Joe stars into the G.I. Joe brand? Hasbro: They would love to work with future stars as the line progresses. No plans in the works that can be disclosed.

Full FarceWill G.I. Joe packaging go windowless? Hasbro: All packaging will be transitioning into this style of packaging. Foot lockers shown will hold weapons for the package. Box looks like a vault with key pads and will be numbered to figure identity. New O-Ring packaging for upcoming figures. Soft reboot of the O-Ring line.

Hisstank – G.I. Joe Classified HasLab? Hasbro: They are currently asking for permission to move forward. They would love to bring the right vehicle to the fans. Still not decided what it will be if it does move forward.

Toy Wizards – Snake Eyes and Timber what retail outlet will it be available? Hasbro: Mainline release will be widely available at all retail outlets that carry G.I. Joe. Sgt. Slaughter will be fan channel and Pulse preorder. Will be widely available in quantity. Blue Ninja 2-Pack is Amazon Exclusive.

General Discussion Notes:

For those that are in to the Classified Retro offerings, it would appear that only 8 figures are being offered in the assortment. Afterwards, the segment will be switching to an all-new look that wasn’t further discussed during the round table.

Speaking of which, moving forward, all figure reveals (ie – Livestream events) will have pre-orders, not just “in hand” items.

For those of you that LOVE exclusives, please note that Kamakura is an Amazon exclusive (similar to Arctic Storm Shadow). Tiger Force/Python Patrol pre-orders from Target will be the next items up to bat, meaning that they’ll be shipping soon.

Finally, as noted by Emily during Fan First Tuesday, there’s BIG plans for #YoJoeJune and if I’m lucky, I’ll be around to share it with you!

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