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G.I.Joe Mission Critical By Renegade Game Studios On Kickstarter

Heads up! With all the discussion surround the G.I.Joe Fan First Tuesday Livestream, this almost flew under my radar….almost!

The highly anticipated G.I.Joe Mission Critical desktop game has hit Kickstarter and you could say that its reached its funding goal and then some…

The campaign is currently sitting at $82,618 of its initial $5,000 goal, so needless to say, barring any unforeseen issues, we should see this set in G.I.Joe collections everywhere. Here’s the scoop from the campaign –

G.I. JOE Mission Critical

Take on the Cobra forces in this 2-5 player cooperative miniatures game!

 G.I. JOE Mission Critical is a co-operative miniatures board game for 2-5 players, where you take on the role of the G.I. JOE team to protect the world from the nefarious schemes of Cobra Commander! Work together to combat Cobra at global hotspots and save the day! Select your team, lock & load, and roll out! Yo Joe!

I personally don’t get in to tabletop gaming, but that’s most definitely about to change!

Will you be adding it to your collection? Sound off below!

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