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G.I.Joe Storyboards For Seasons One, Two and G.I.Joe The Movie

Woah, how awesome are these? First and foremost, many thanks to Mr. Will Meugniot for the initial share, as I wouldn’t have seen these pieces of history otherwise.

Now, more thanks are in order; This time around, a hearty cheers goes to Simon Letch, the Curator of/for the Sunbow Marvel Archive. He shared the following storyboards in the Storyboarders Facebook Group and has a TON of amazing more offerings on his archive, so make sure to swing through and check it out! Alright, now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s get to work!

Simon shared the following G.I.Joe storyboards and wow, talk about a slice of history! I’ve mirrored the trifecta of awesomeness below for your viewing pleasure; That said, make sure to give Simon a follow for more amazing pieces just like this!

First up is the Pyramid Of Darkness intro storyboard from GI Joe (retroactively used for all of season 1). As salvaged from Will Meugniot‘s long gone StoryboardPro site, via the Wayback Machine. Check it out –

Next up is a storyboard that I’m not sure many are familiar with, so I’m thankful that Simon shared it with the masses. Check out the unproduced version of the G.I.Joe Season 2 intro, drawn by Mike Vosburg (the produced version was drawn by Keith Tucker):

Last, but most definitely not least is the icing on the cake – A few storyboards from the G.I.Joe Animated Movie!

My thanks yet again go to Simon Letch of The Sunbow Marvel Archive for sharing these amazing storyboards with us all!

What are your thoughts on these pieces of G.I.Joe history?

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