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Delta-17: War in the shadows

The o-ring renaissance is upon us!

I’m excited to share word of a new line of 1:18 scale o-ring style figures coming our way soon Delta-17! Here’s the scoop:

Delta-17:War in the shadows

Tier 1 operators are assembled from around the world, unified in a clandestine, black ops group. The objective: to confront the threat of a new, militaristic cabal operating in the shadows.

This enigmatic new enemy appears to function with illegal support and funding from our very own, apparently legit governmental organizations. As such, Delta-17’s entire existence and missions are conducted off the books.

As a tier 1 special task force, their day to day assignment is the confrontation and destruction of this new dark state cabal and its military support assets.

For now, little is known about this new cabal and its associated army. Unofficially, they are known in the underground circles as the Dark Shadows, with an undisclosed base of operations off the coast of Japan. They are believed to be tied to various mercenary factions to assist them, the origins and alliances of which are under ongoing scrutiny by Delta-17 and the military intelligence group that is a direct support element to D17.

In the end, few can be trusted, no missions will be recorded. History will have no knowledge of what has or will transpire here. The fight between Delta-17 and its mysterious enemy begins and ends… in the shadows.

Now, what do YOU as fans need to know about the toys?

Read on…

A true-blue military action figure line with a splash of the incredible. Tier-1 Operatives take on a Samurai-themed leader, his army of ninja-based androids, and his hired mercenaries.

This is the next evolution in the 3.75” O-ring retro-stylized military action figure range, reimagined in modern times.

Development is underway.
Availability: TBD
(No crowdfunding required)

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How awesome is that?! There’s so many o-ring offerings set to come our way, I can’t contain my excitment! Many thanks to Ken, Steve and the entire team behind Delta-17 for the intel. I’ll be sure to bring you more as it’s made available! 

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