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Callsign: Longbow Character Profile – Volk

This week, the team behind Callsign: Longbow is recapping the infamous Spetsnaz Commander ALEXY “VOLK” REZNIKOV!



Callsign: VOLK (WOLF)

Name: Reznikov, Alexy
Rank: OF-3 (майо́р) Equivalent to O4 Major
Primary MOS: Spetznaz Unit Commander
Secondary MOS: Special Operations Tactics
Areas of Expertise: Special Operations, Command, Infantry Tactics, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Infantry Weapons, English Language, Mandarin Chinese Language.

Subject is serious and hyper-focused on this work. A man of contradictions, who stays calm and collected in the hairiest of situations, but finds himself uncomfortable away from action. Conscripted in 1961 into Red Army service. Distinguished himself in a Motor-Rifle Regiment as an aggressive fighter that could think quickly and adapt to any situation. Selected for GRU Spetsnaz assignment in 1972. He is a dangerous professional who lives for the fight and genuinely enjoys leading men on the attack.

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You can learn more about “Volk” here: Callsign: Longbow Characters – Volk

I’m beyond excited for all of the o-ring offerings coming our way and CS: Longbow is no exception! May can’t get here soon enough! 🙂 

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