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Geewunner Announces Enemy Arms Dealer Vol 2 Wave

Geewunner is BACK and he’s brought a whole lot of awesome with him! Now, before jumping in to things, just a quick bit of background – In case you aren’t familiar with Geewunner, well, you’re in for a treat! G1’er specializes in custom Lego builds that you can add to your collection! I’ve been shopping with him for years and needless to say, I’m thoroughly impressed with both his offerings and his service after the sale.

Ok, with that said, let’s get to it! As mentioned, just announced is an all new wave of Iron Grenadier homage goodness – Check out the Enemy Arms Dealer vol. 2 Wave!

This incredible new wave of vehicles for your Enemy Arms Dealer includes 3 fan favorite vehicles and a new exclusive glider! The new releases can be purchased as a set, or individually. Let’s take a closer look:

Enemy Arms Dealer Heavy Attack Cycle – Surveillance Port

The Enemy Arms Dealer’s head thug evades capture by the Heroes in the Heavy Attack Cycle! Features include seating for one figure, storage for his rifle underneath, an opening canopy (for ease of placement of figure), swiveling front guns, and rotating missile rack with two removable missiles. Approx. 194 parts.

Enemy Arms Dealer Tank/Attack Helicopter – Surveillance Port

The Enemy Arms Dealer displays total domination over the Heroes with the Tank/Attack Helicopter! This dynamic vehicle includes many features; first and foremost is its ability to transform from tank to helicopter, as well as seating for one figure in each of the cockpits, room for more figures along the tread wells, four removable missiles, chin turret, positionable side cannons, rotating blades, and moving treads. Approx. 374 parts.

Enemy Arms Dealer Elevating Attack Vehicle – Surveillance Port

The Enemy Arms Dealer slices like a razor down the back of the Heroes with the Elevating Attack Vehicle! Features include the obvious elevating mechanism, seating for two figures in the cockpit, one in the 360-rotating turret bubble, rotating missiles racks with eight removable missiles, elevating sensor bar, removable engine/storage cover, and more! Approx. 369 parts.

Enemy Arms Dealer Vol. 2 All-In Attack Pack – Surveillance Port

The Enemy Arms Dealer Vol. 2 All-In Attack Pack includes all three of the main releases of this wave, plus a bonus fourth set exclusive to this pack!

* Heavy Attack Cycle
* Tank/Attack Helicopter
* Elevating Attack Vehicle
* Heavy Attack Jet Glider ($5 value, exclusive to this pack)

Benefits to this pack include $5 savings off the total piece of the three main sets, plus FREE shipping! Preorder thru May 2nd; will ship by June 17th.

It’s great to see Geewunner back on the scene! I know I’ll be snagging all of these new offerings. What about you? Adding any of these killer new custom Lego sets to your collection? Sound off in the comments below! 

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