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Black Major Trident Class Of 2020 Pictorial Review

In 2020, the ranks of the Black Major army expanded by not only 16 figures, but an entirely new speciality as well, as the Trident assortment washed ashore and took our collections by storm! For this edition of #blackMajorMonday, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the Trident Class of 2020!

Black Major has always been known for bringing o-ring G.I.Joe fans Boutique, or if you prefer, Bootleg representations of fan-favorite troop builders.
Based on the 1985 Cobra Frogman, the Cobra EEL, the Trident assortment came in 16 different flavors to choose from:

  • Black Ops Eel
  • Cobra Blue Eel
  • Copperhead Eel
  • De Aco Eel
  • Firefly Eel
  • Ghost Eel
  • Ghost Legion Eel
  • Gold Trident Eel
  • Python Eel 
  • Red Alpha Commando Eel
  • Red Shadows Eel
  • Replicant Eel
  • Snow Serpent Eel
  • Tiger Blood Eel

What’s really fun about this assortment is the fact that 2 of the 16 were designated as G.I.Joe members, with one being an all new character! – 

  • Black Jack
  • Torpedo

I’ve always been a big fan of the Eel mold, so seeing it in so many different colors really does it for me. The primary colors used on figures such as the Red Shadows, Black Ops and Ghost really pop.

While speaking of pop, the Python, Copperhead and Tiger’s Blood are especially awesome in my book, as I love their oh-so-bright color schemes –

In terms of QC, a few figures had only had one issue here or there, from flash on their head to loose arm(s) at the biceps. Other than that, the figures are perfect, for all intents and purposes.

They each include classic Eel gear, with scuba gear, fins & harpoon gun. The Eel Replicant offered additional gear that was not offered with any other figure and was exclusive to “Black Major Toys”. The breather tends to fall out of the pack, but when it comes to the Eel, what else is new?

If you’re an o-ring fan and if you haven’t already, make sure you add at least one of the Trident assortment to your G.I.Joe collection. Why? Having the Eel mold in something other than classic Eel colors just feels right. Again though, that could just be because I’m an Eel groupie, lol. Many thanks once again go to Black Major, Black Major Toys, Jason Luckey, S_c_o_t_t_13 and Breetz78 for helping me get my hands on all of this awesome!

On that note, I leave you with a few fun shots of the assortment. Coming up next, I’ll be taking a look at the ’21 Black Major Cobra Troopers! (Hopefully sooner than later!) If you’d like to see any of these figures in further detail, make sure to check out my Black Major Galleries!

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