This is it! We’re getting closer to the launch of the all-new G.I.Joe Fan Club! Mr. James Kavanaugh Jr., the Admin for the new Club, issued the following press release. I’ve copied it below in its entirety for your viewing pleasure. Check it out –




A new and exciting, fan-driven, G.I. Joe Club is coming soon and you won’t want to miss it!  Code Name:  G.I. Joe Fan Club:  Mobile Strike Task Force (GIJFC) offers fan-inspired exclusive items, regularly shipped printed newsletter, contests with prizes, membership store exclusives, and more!  The 2022 membership offering activate a yearly set of items that will be expanded upon in subsequent years.  Membership year joined will be tracked to offer benefits the longer you subscribe, so join early!  Further information is provided below.  Membership instructions coming very soon so like and follow via the link below and look sharp soldier! 

James M. Kavanaugh Jr. 

G.I. Joe Fan Club Founder 

R.A.H.C. Guidebooks

Further Information


The G.I. Joe community is one of the few fandoms fortunate enough to have a collecting club for the majority of the property’s existence. However, the discontinuation of a formal club in 2018 created a void. 

Today’s digital world provides G.I. Joe fans almost limitless interaction and the ability to receive late-breaking news in real-time but lacks formal organization and exclusive collector-related items.  Therefore, coming this week I (James M. Kavanaugh Jr.), alongside many familiar faces in the fandom, will be introducing the unofficial G.I. Joe Fan Club (GIJFC) to fill this void.  I first attended a G.I. Joe-specific convention in 2004 and to this day have been a regular conventioneer. I have always put sincere emphasis on what I deemed the four “F’s” (Fun, Friendship, Family, and Figures) and purposely state them in that order.  I look forward to continuing these four qualities through the lens of a G.I. Joe collecting club and the collecting experience. 

The G.I. Joe Fan Club: Mobile Strike Task Force will have a yearly theme while also focusing on special occasions or events.  G.I. Joe has already had some outstanding milestones in 2022 and it’s an exciting coincidence that 2022 is the 40th Anniversary of the A Real American Hero line.  This year’s GIJFC theme is “Remobilization, Reactivation, Redeployment”—a theme where much of the subtext will focus on the G.I. Joe team and its fandom finding their footing in this new and uncharted era. 


Since its inception, the GIJFC strove to create collectibles members would deem highlights of their collections while also making the membership as robust as possible.  The 2022 offerings include: 

• Custom Membership Card 

• Custom Dog Tags (Qty: 2) 

• Challenge Coin 

• Battle Ribbon-themed pin 

• Patches (Qty: 2) 

• Vintage-styled G.I. Joe action figure catalog 

• GIJFC Poster (11” x 17”) 

• A letter from Hawk painting the GIJFC fiction landscape. 

• Newsletters (Qty: 4) 

• Custom shipping packaging 


The GIJFC newsletter will be the hub for announcements, information, and entertainment.  The newsletter will never try and mirror the “up-to-the-minute” digital world but will strive to enhance the value of in-hand print, thus creating a sense of permanence. While the newsletter will strive to cover the widest array of different and exciting G.I. Joe topics, some reoccurring article themes will be: 

• The latest G.I. Joe brand announcements (within a quarterly space). 

• Hasbro product reveals. 

• Historical insight from those who lived it and those who archive it. 

• Action figure reviews. 

• Calendar showcasing upcoming events and historic G.I. Joe dates. 

• Character and vehicle spotlights. 

• Collector spotlights and gatherings. 

• G.I. Joe Fan Club in-universe fiction. 

• Insight on community hobbies such as: 

⁃ Customizing 

⁃ Diorama 

⁃ Photography 

⁃ Art 

⁃ Costuming 

⁃ And More! 

Each outside newsletter contribution will highlight the contributor’s personal projects as well as a QR code linking readers to the digital realm. The newsletter will continue to expand the number of pages and number of issues per year, provided membership and interest increase. Samples of upcoming articles and additional supplemental newsletter information will be made available on a newly-created website. 

Web Presence: 

The GIJFC website will offer a more real-time presence for news, updates, and supplemental submissions that weren’t included in the newsletter.  Members will be treated to an exclusive online store that will provide additional exclusive items limited to members only. There are already some items slated members won’t want to miss!  The website will also host the polling for GIJFC contests.  Alongside the website, members will also be treated to periodic e-mail updates filling the gap between newsletters and club fiction. 


Yes, you did read contests and now you’re reading awards!  GIJFC members may submit their entries throughout the year in the categories below and, at the end of the year, members will have voting input for their favorite entries.  Awards will be sent to winners’ homes as well as the winning entries showcased in the subsequent issue.  I am personally excited about this one and can’t wait to see winners post their awards. The categories at this time are: 

• Customizing 

• Diorama 

• Photography 

• Art 

• Costuming 

• Potentially More! 


This is a bold and exciting endeavor for both myself and everyone else contributing.  I hope the G.I. Joe Fan Club can be something members look forward to throughout the year and a tangible product contributors can take pride in seeing their works published in a format that may inspire others to contribute and make the most of the G.I. Joe hobby. Visit and favorite the link provided to all the G.I. Joe Fan Club social media outlets to stay informed on the latest GIJFC updates and when the registration period will begin and end.  Oh, and Yo Joe! 

James M. Kavanaugh Jr. 

G.I. Joe Fan Club Founder 

R.A.H.C. Guidebooks 

I’m honored to note that I’ll be part of the new Club’s administration team, helping to bring news to the front lines! If you’d like to join the team, just drop me a line and let’s talk! 

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