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Callsign: Longbow MTF Retro Ops Figure Revealed

Are you ready for an exciting reveal or what?!

Today, Marauder “Gun Runners” revealed their first MTF: Retro-Ops offering from the upcoming Callsign: Longbow line of 1:18 action figures!

This Desert-Ops figure will be a CS:Longbow Kickstarter stretch goal. Read on for details and get ready to add this piece of awesome to your collection. LONG LIVE THE O-RING! Here’s the scoop –

Hey Marauder Family!

Thanks to Callsign : LONGBOW…our beloved vintage O-Ring style figures LIVE AGAIN. Classic vintage style O-Ring figures with a few modern improvements! To be clear, Marauder is not changing our current 18 year long emphasis on providing weapons, accessories and modern style action figures. But we JUMPED at the chance to have a Marauder Task Force figure be ONE of the MANY figures in the Callsign: Longbow line and get the “vintage O-Ring” style treatment! Introducing Marauder Task Force RETRO-Ops!

* MTF: RETRO-OPS is an early Stretch goal to the CALLSIGN: LONGBOW Kickstarter (launching May 2022).

* The concept was to “Retro-ize” one of MTF’s most popular figures (DESERT-OPS) to what it might have looked like in the mid-1980s.

* MTF: RETRO-OPS comes with unique period style accessories and classic construction you remember.

* CALLSIGN: LONGBOW figures are designed to work with all your favorite vintage o-ring figures.

* All LONGBOW figures include swivel wrist joints with flexible hands, to prevent broken thumbs.

CALLSIGN: LONGBOW will be funding on Kickstarter this May. Sign-up here to be notified when the project launches and be one of the first backers:

Callsign: Longbow Kickstarter Campaign

We hope you are as excited as us and join in the Callsign: Longbow Kicstarter! We are delighted to be a very small part of the Callsign:Lonbow project and are thrilled to see one of our Marauder figures live the “O-Ring life!”

Thanks again for your support!

Marauder-John and the entire Marauder Team

This o-ring revival is making my heart skip a beat! Callsign: Longbow, Retro-Ops and Operation: Recall, alongside retro G.I.Joe?! HECK YEAH!

Will you be joining the CS: Longbow campaign? Sound off in the comments below!

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