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Super7 Reveals G.I.Joe Ultimates Wave 3

Super7 has just revealed their next wave of G.I.Joe ultimates and wow, are they AWESOME!

G.I.Joe Ultimates wave 3 includes:

He’s has a PhD from an Ivy League university, completed Airborne School, Mountaineering School, the Desert Training Unit, and he’s a chaplain’s assistant. With that level of training and know-how, Carl W. Greer, AKA Doc, can use his skill, knowledge, and cunning to help G.I. Joe thwart Cobra’s nefarious plans without having to resort to violence. This 7” scale highly articulated G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figure of Doc features premium decoration and comes with interchangeable heads & hands as well as a variety of accessories. He’s often overshadowed by some of the flashier characters, but as a medic, Doc is one of the most indispensable and the made-to-order G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figure of Doc will be an equally indispensable part of your collection!


  • 3x interchangeable heads
    • 1x neutral head 
    • 1x smiling head 
    • 1x yelling head
  • 8x interchangeable hands
    • 2x fist hands 
    • 2x weapon gripping hands 
    • 2x flare launcher hands 
    • 2x medical gloved hands
  • 1x removable helmet
  • 1x Joe laser rifle
  • 1x flare launcher
  • 1x flare gun
  • 1x comic book
  • 1x medic kit
  • 1x walkie talkie
  • 1x satchel

Beauty may only be skin deep, but lethal goes clean to the bone. With sniper, martial arts, and covert ops training, those who misjudge Scarlett as less than a formidable opponent do so at their own peril! This 7” scale highly articulated G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figure of Scarlett features premium decoration and comes with interchangeable heads & hands as well as a variety of accessories, including her crossbow and a medley of trick arrows. Scarlett may be tougher than she looks, but her made-to-order G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figure is every bit as amazing as it appears and would be a great addition to your roster of G.I. Joe collectibles!


  • 3x interchangeable heads 
    • 1x neutral head 
    • 1x smiling head 
    • 1x headset head
  • 6x interchangeable hands 
    • 2x fist hands 
    • 2x chopping hands 
    • 2x weapon gripping hands
  • 1x quiver
  • 3x thermal arrows
  • 1x grapple arrow with rope
  • 1x jammer arrow
  • 1x incendiary arrow
  • 1x communicator
  • 1x M16 rifle
  • 1x small crossbow
  • 1x large crossbow

It’s hard to know what would lead someone to join Cobra. Is it the result of a series of bad decisions? Are they someone who just wants to help the world burn? Both? Regardless, the Cobra Troopers are the ones who end up doing the dirty work carrying out Cobra Commander’s evil plans… usually to their great misfortune. 


  • 2 interchangeable heads
    • 1x light skintone head
    • 1x dark skintone head
  • 14x interchangeable hands
    • 2x light skintone fist hands
    • 2x light skintone rifle grip hands
    • 2x light skintone pistol grip hands
    • 1x light skintone whip grip hand
    • 2x dark skintone fist hands
    • 2x dark skintone rifle grip hands
    • 2x dark skintone pistol grip hands
    • 1x dark skintone whip grip hand
  • 1x dragunov sniper rifle
  • 1x cobra rifle 
  • 1x cobra pistol
  • 1x electric whip
  • 1x walkie talkie
  • 1x briefcase bomb

With shifting allegiances and a mysterious past, it’s hard to know where Storm Shadow’s loyalty truly lies, but this ninja comes from a long line of assassins and is a deadly foe to any who face him in battle! This 7” SCALE highly articulated G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figure of Storm Shadow features premium decoration and comes with interchangeable heads & hands as well as a healthy variety of weapons. About the only thing about Storm Shadow that isn’t a mystery is how cool his made-to-order G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! figure is, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to add it to your collection!


  • 2x interchangeable heads
    • 1x neutral head
    • 1x diving mask head
  • 10x interchangeable hands
    • 2x fist hands
    • 2x weapon holding hands
    • 2x bow holding hands
    • 2x chopping hands
    • 2x fighting hands
  • 1x alternate un-wrapped forearm with Arashikage tattoo
    • 1x Excaliber (with glow in the dark blade)
    • 1x katana
    • 1x wakizashi
    • 1x tanto
    • 3x throwing stars
    • 3x arrows
    • 1x bow
    • 1x nunchucks
    • 1x sniper rifle

    From Super7: 

    ULTIMATES! figures are here to lift your spirits and perk up your collection! Wave 3 features Scarlett, Doc, Storm Shadow, and a Cobra Trooper! Pre-order now at https://preorder.super7store.com

    Figures can be ordered individually. We are offering a payment plan option exclusively available for orders that include the G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! Wave 3 Figures Full Set. Individual figures can be ordered with a Full Set. FOR DETAILS ABOUT THE PAYMENT PLAN CLICK HERE.

    The pre-order window for 7-inch  G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! Wave 3 Figures opens on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at preorder.super7.com and will close on Monday, April 18, 2022

    The  G.I. Joe ULTIMATES! Wave 3 Figures are a made-to-order release and we expect to ship this figure in Spring 2023.

    INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Fans outside of the U.S. can order from our International partners. Click HERE for a list of our partners by territory.

    Needless to say, Wave 3 of Super7’s Ultimates line looks fantastic! I most definitely need to add that Doc to my collection. What about you? Will you be adding any or all of wave 3 to your collection?

    3 comments on “Super7 Reveals G.I.Joe Ultimates Wave 3

    1. LittleWolvie

      While these look neat, there are 2 main reasons for me to skip them. First, the awkward 7 inch size. I honestly don’t understand why they thought this would be a great choice. As a result, they don’t match your Classified (or Valaverse Action Force) figures at all. Second, the extremely high price these sell for in Europe. Retail price is around 90 euro ($100) which is simply ridiculous. I can buy 3 Classified or 4 McFarlane figs for that money :s

      Liked by 1 person

      • The price is what really hinders my desire to be a completist with this line. I’ll snag Doc from wave 3, but that’ll be it for me.


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