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Larry Hama v2 Action Figure Now Arriving

If you pre-ordered the Larry Hama v2 action figure direct from Fresh Monkey Fiction, make sure to keep it locked on those mail boxes, as the Creator is now arriving!

What sets this version apart from the 1st is the inclusion of a new U.S.S. Flagg baseball cap designed by Troy McKie. What else is pretty awesome is Bill from FMF included a resealable cardback (aside from the card Larry comes mounted on) and an additional baseball cap, sporting the “Hama’s Grape Soda” logo that we were first greeted with during the 1st Kickstarter campaign. Here are a few quick & dirty images from my phone –

FMF bullet logo_fundit.png

Standing at 4” high, the Larry Hama figure features an original Hama head sculpt by Nick Whitmore and original art card by Adam Riches. This figure is perfectly suited for adventures at a convention, on a stage, or even tackling the might of a deadline.

This version includes a set of interchangeable hands and USS Flagg hat designed by Troy Mackie. (You can also get your very own USS Flagg hat by going to Troy’s site).

Have you received your LHv2 figure? If so, what are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below!

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