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Hiya Toys Announces G.I.Joe Exquisite Mini Series

Heads up! Although they’ve been teasing the license for a bit of time now, my friends at Hiya Toys have confirmed that they’ve licensed the G.I.Joe line and will be launching a series titled “Exquisite Mini G.I.Joe Series”. Here’s the scoop –

Hiya toys 2022 Project part 6 #gijoetoys#hiyatoys

G.I.JOE Action figure of Exquisite Mini Series,focusing on create High-performance 1/18 scale action figure will be released in 2022.😏

With GI Joe: a Real American Hero turning 40 this year.We are set to release a brand new line of action figures.This new and exciting line will give fans and action figure collectors something have not had since the mid nineteen eighties.🤓

Who or what will be included in the line? Time will tell, but as it’s Hiya, I’d predict highly articulated offerings and maybe a vehicle or two, too! 

No word on pricing as of yet, but as the line is expected to drop this year, I’m sure will get those details soon. Stay tuned for more!  Make sure to follow the Surveillance Port on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for earlier updates!

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