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Walmart Exclusive G.I.Joe Classified Baroness Spotted

Well, that sure didn’t take long!

It was just after Christmas 2021 when SilverOptimus uncovered new listings for Retro style offerings. What made these listings unique is/was the fact that they’re noted as Classified figures. Discovered were:

G.I. Joe Retro Line Wave 6 (& 7?) 2022

  • F462 – G.I. Joe Retro Cardback Figure Mars (Baroness)
  • F463 – Unknown
  • F464 – Unknown
  • F465 – G.I. Joe Retro Cardback Figure Rocket (Lady Jaye)

Fast forward to today, where and image of our first Retro carded Classified figure has been posted – Check out Baroness! (this link will take you to her Walmart.com listing)

The Hasbro team noted during the G.I.Joe Fan First Friday presentation that we could expect Classified offerings on Retro style cards, with Destro, the Baroness, Lady Jaye and that updated Gung Ho set to make their debut on throwback cards.

With that said, *WARNING* – It was noted that the card stock used is the same that was used for Walmart’s 4″ line, so fingers crossed that the cards aren’t all bent to hell by the time you find one for your collection.

For those interested in this assortment, good luck on the hunt!

2 comments on “Walmart Exclusive G.I.Joe Classified Baroness Spotted

  1. The two I revealed figures look like Gung ho and destro

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