Did you back the Roboskull MKII from the folks at Skeletron? If so, then make sure to check your inbox, as Backerkit surveys have been sent!

Here’s a high level overview of some of what’s available via the Backerkit campaign, straight from Skeletron. Check it out –

ROBOSKULLERS!   You should now be in receipt of your BackerKit survey email!  That email contains the subject line:

Response Needed — Get your reward for ROBOSKULL® MKII – Action Figure Vehicle

The body of that email contains a link to your survey-  that link is THE WAY to access your survey.   This email also states “Survey Deadline: 03/31/22″.  Based on backer feedback, we’ve now changed the survey deadline to 04/30/22.  This April 30th date will be reflected if you receive reminder emails in the future.  Additionally, in an effort to best serve our backers, we have added the Paypal payment option.  Please note that if you choose to utilize Paypal, payment are processed immediately, instead of on the deadline date. 

OK, with all that out of the way, we are so, so excited for you to check out our NEW items in our BackerKit!

  • Marauder JUNGLE WOLF TROOPER – This awesome new 4″ figure was also just offered during the Marauder BackerKit, and it’s now available to you!  And for the first time, the 6″ version is being offered!  (You knew we’d do it!)
  • Marauder GYRE WOLF – If you’re following us on Facebook or Instagram, you saw this announcement yesterday.  We’re overjoyed to be offering this figure to honor the memory of our friend, Gary “Goggles” Head.   GYRE WOLF is available both 4″ and 6″, and all proceeds for both figures will go to Gary’s family.
  • ROBOSKULL Vinyl Record featuring WORDBURGLAR & COSMIC ORPHAN – Yep, we’re doing that!  We love collaborating, we love this music, and we’ve got the artist who painted our favorite album covers (including KISS Destroyer) working on our project.  The Cosmos called us on this one and we answered!   And who better to sign on for this project than the one-and-only Wordburglar?  And no, you’ve not yet heard of Cosmic Orphan, but their track on this is AWESOME.   Don’t have a record player?  No worries, you’ll also get a digital download of both tracks AND still be able to enjoy the art!
ROBOSKULL Vinyl Record featuring Wordburglar and Cosmic Orphan

And if you missed any of the items offered in the Kickstarter, no problem-  they are here, too. Lastly, there might be a fun little upgrade that hasn’t yet been announced or shown that you can find in the images we’ve loaded onto the survey.  Have fun!

Now go find your BackerKit survey email! 



There’s so much more, including Assassin Skeledrones, Wolf Troopers, Skeletrons and of course, Roboskulls! 

What will you be adding to your pledge? 

1 comment on “ROBOSKULL MKII Backerkit Surveys Inbound

  1. LittleWolvie

    I was too late for the initial KickStarter, which was way too short for my taste, but luckily was able to pre-order everything I wanted through the BackerKit (an yes, that bill will blow a hole through my wallet). Also very happy about the support and answers I got from the creators. Most of the time, creators and companies, especially in the crowdfunding world, don’t take international customers and worldwide shipping into consideration. And I admit it quickly becomes complex taking into account shipping, VAT, customs fees, import tariffs… even though a lot of platforms offer more and more options these days. So, I was very happy and grateful that this team did take all this into account. Yes, I’ll end up paying a lot more than US collectors (who simply don’t realize how lucky they are to live in a country where you’re not taxed to death), but the creators did their utmost best to make the payment process as transparent as possible, so you know perfectly in advance how much you’ll end up paying, including shipping, VAT, customs, and you don’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises afterwards. 🙂

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