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Retelo and Operation: Recall coming March 2022

There’s making your own toys, then there’s assembling an All*Star team that created one of the most successful toy lines in history to help make your own toy.

Coming March 2022 is OPERATION: RECALL, a project from the mind of R. Carson Mataxis, that brings to life a figure that has been 33 years in the making.


Meet Retelo and C.P., the flagship figure offering from the OPERATION: RECALL project. Although the project will be fully revealed this march, you can learn more about Retelo and his carrier pigeon, C.P., over on 3DJoes’ dedicated page: Retelo – 3DJoes.com (Link removed; Page password protected – Will update when available).

I don’t want to share too many details, as I don’t want to steal any of Carson’s thunder. That said, I’ll be sure to share further updates as they’re made available.

Make sure to join the OPERATION: RECALL mailing list to get all of the latest intel prior to the March 2022 project launch!

2 comments on “Retelo and Operation: Recall coming March 2022

  1. The link to the Retelo site goes to a page that is password protected, so you can’t do anything.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Brandon! – Thanks for the heads up. Not sure when Carson changed it, but I’ll update the link to the Operation: Recall page and swap it back once the PW protection has been removed.

      Thanks again!


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