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Larry Hama v2 Action Figure Update Q1 2022

Heads up! Fresh Monkey Fiction has shared an update on their Larry Hama v2 figure and this one will surely please all of you collectors that got in on the campaign! Here’s the scoop –

Larry Hama v2 Action Figure Customers,

We wanted to let you know that Larry Hama v2 Action Figure is scheduled to be delivered to us in 7-10 days

Please see this update we posted on our social media channels in case you missed it.

We want to let everyone know that BigBadToyStore orders for our Amazing Heroes and Larry Hama figures will be fulfilled before the orders direct from Fresh Monkey Fiction. We know this is not ideal and was never the intent, but there are major supply chain issues with goods coming into the US. The ports in LA are backlogged and have been backlogged for months. BBTS takes delivery direct from our factory and given the volume of goods they get from their suppliers they are able to reserve shipping containers. We do not move that much volume so we had to wait for containers to open up. Our goods left the factory at the same time, but we are still weeks away (we think) of getting our shipment. We know this is not ideal, but with these logistical challenges things are not in our control at the moment. As always we want to be transparent with you and thank you for supporting our figures by buying from us direct, this goes a long way to helping make future figures possible.

Many ask us why we don’t do email updates and only post on social media. Unsolicited emails of this nature are considered spam in many countries and we have previously been reported in countries that consider this type of email spam. So we are sending this email, even though we might get reported again.  As such, we don’t send emails often, so please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest updates.

As we will be fulfilling orders soon, please make sure if your address has changed that you have updated your address in your Backerkit portal by February10th. You can find the link in the email you received from Backerkit when you originally submitted your order.  If you have issues with the portal or need to adjust your address please reply to this email by February10th with the following and we can assist you. 

New Address: 

If your address did not change no action is required on your part. 

We’ll begin shipping this assortment in about 3 weeks. We will update our social media when shipping begins and you will be emailed a USPS tracking number when your items ship. Domestic orders will ship starting in late February and international orders will begin toward the end of March. 

Your order will include not only the Larry Hama v2 Action Figure, but a bonus collector friendly clamshell with extra card back, so if you choose to repackage your figure once it’s opened. Plus a we are also including a special accessory only available direct to customers who ordered from Fresh Monkey Fiction. 

Thanks again, 

Fresh Monkey Fiction

Fresh Monkey Fiction

For those of you that got in on v2, it won’t be long now before the Godfather of G.I.Joe is on your front lines. 

I have the v1 as well, so I can’t wait to have them side by side! 

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