Ok, this right here is absolutely amazing.

Ben Conway and the team behind Skeletron have just revealed an offering that will surely be near and dear to many of us. That offering, you ask?

A homage to none other that Gyre-Viper, Mr. Gary “Goggles” Head. Gary was such a powerhouse in our community, but more importantly, he was an amazing person and even greater friend to all that knew him.

Now, before I go further, yes, this figure will be offered in both 4″ and 6″ scales! Check it out –

SKELETRON’s next figure is GYRE WOLF.

We’ve created GYRE WOLF to honor the memory of Gary Goggles Head, a good friend to many of us who we lost far too soon. Gary was incredibly impactful on our GI Joe and action figure community, in ways that are difficult to succinctly explain. Without question, no one influenced me more, and more quickly, than he did on my own journey into collecting and into this toy community. Gary was a force of nature, and I was filled with joy when Hasbro recognized him with his own figure, Sightline. I later beamed with happiness when Joe Declassified created, and gave away, their own homage figure to Gary. I smile when I think of all the amazing custom Gary figures that have been made over the years.

Gary’s likeness for GYRE WOLF has been graciously sculpted by Fred Aczon of Boss Fight Studio. I believe there has never been a bigger, or more vocal, fan of Boss Fight Studio than Gary Goggles. It’s also well-known that he held Fred, and his sculpting abilities, in the very highest regard.

Gary’s family has always been supportive of our action figure community, and we’ve loved seeing them in attendance at the craziness that is our toy conventions. I simply can’t thank them enough for being a part of this community, and for their support of this project.

Our Marauder GYRE WOLF will very soon be offered for pre-order in our BackerKit survey and our BackerKit pre-order store, with all proceeds from the figures to be passed on to Gary’s family.

I hope this figure can bring another slice of joy to everyone who knew Gary. And for those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to know him, I hope you find the figure to be visually striking and a lot of fun!

Cheers to Gary “Goggles” “Gyre-Viper” “Sightline” “Gyre Wolf” Head!

Ben Conway

What an absolute class act. I for one will undoubtedly add both offerings to my collection. 

Cheers to the Skeletron crew for their amazing work putting this together! 

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