Earlier today, Hasbro Pulse held their first G.I.Joe themed #FanFirstFriday event of 2022, showcasing upcoming G.I.Joe Classified and G.I.Joe Retro offerings.

This time around, the G.I.Joe team approached the reveals in a different fashion – We were treated to mock ups, with artwork, packaging and pricing (not to mention pre-order links), coming out way at a later date.

We were aware of 90% of the list, with the Retro offerings being the real surprise, but regardless, everything looks fantastic! Hasbro is really doing a great job of turning my reluctant @ss in to a 1:12 collector…sigh (lol).

Alright, with that said, let’s get to the re-cap and please note, these are NOT in the order in which they were revealed –

G.I.Joe Classified

Classified fans have a whole lot in the pipeline to be excited about! To kick things off, check out the Crimson Guard Commanders, Tomax & Xamot (slide the bar for more)!

The Crimson Twins are a welcome addition to any Classified collection, so I hope that these are made in enough even numbers to satisfy demand.

Now, although we didn’t get to see Crimson Guards alongside the twins, we did get to see the highly anticipated Cobra Viper Troop Builder 3 Pack. Check it out –

Troop builders are going to go NUTS for this set! I’m especially digging the Commander, as that’s one of my favorite Viper color schemes. Although I personally haven’t gone all-in on Classified, it’s great to see fans of the line being able to troop build without it breaking the bank.

Up next, we’re treated to a few items that we knew were coming – Re-releases on Retro style card backs. Well, we finally get to see the upcoming figures, along with a couple that we weren’t aware of until today! Check out the Baroness, Lady Jaye, Destro and Gung Ho!

It was noted by the Hasbro team that the finishes on these offerings has been refined to closely match their vintage counterparts. As you can see with Gung Ho, Hasbro has given him his original color scheme, albeit a different chest logo and lid.

The last, but certainly not least Classified preview today was one of my all time favorite characters, Stalker!

Stalker looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see what kind of load out he comes with. Needless to say, he and a few other Classified offerings may find their way in to my collection. Dammit, Hasbro, I don’t want to collect 1:12! >.< (lol)

Up next, the segment that I was most excited for, the o-ring reveals! 


G.I.Joe Retro

For you troop builders out there, a 2 pack of Cobra Officer & Cobra Trooper are on the horizon! 

I can’t wait to rip these open with my boy! It’s also going to be interesting to see what a set like this will do to market pricing on boutique offerings from Black Major and others.

Another o-ring reveal today was one that should be a no-brainer, but was awesome to see nonetheless – Check out Cobra Commander and Duke!

These figures look absolutely fantastic! If you hadn’t noticed, they closely match their Sunbow appearances, making these different enough to warrant a spot on your o-ring shelf. coughcoughICANTWAITcoughcough

That brings us to the end of the first #GIJOE Fan First Friday of 2022! What item(s) are you most excited for?

For me, those o-ring offerings are everything, but it’s going to be hard to skip those Classified releases. What about you? What are you adding to your collection?

I’ll be sure to share more details, such as pricing, packaging & artwork, as soon as it’s made available. Stay tuned!

You can check out the live stream in its entirety here –

3 comments on “Hasbro Pulse G.I.Joe Fan First Friday Recap

  1. Christopher Wieber

    These new Classified offerings look pretty good but 1:12 scale figures just aren’t for me. I’m over the moon with excitement for the resurgence of 1:18 o-ring G.I. Joe’s. Go Joe!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m in the same boat! I’m ALL OVER those o-ring figures once they drop!

      Those 6″ figures are sharp..and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t be getting any. >.>


      • LittleWolvie

        I’ve been collecting O-ring figures for like 20 years and I love more recent 4-inch figures… but once you’ve held those 6-inch figures in your hands (I’ve been a longtime Marvel Legends collector as well, way back from the Toybiz days), you simply can’t resist them. 😉 It helps of course that Hasbro is finally getting their distribution in order as well.

        Liked by 1 person

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