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Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Golden Disk Collection Autobot Road Ranger Pictorial Review

In this latest gallery, I’m taking a look at the Autobot Road Ranger from the Amazon Exclusive Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Golden Disk Collection Chapter 1 set.

Well now, two robot reviews in a row? No worries, I still love my 1:18 army men, but there’s been an influx of robot-related deliveries to my house and this guy was just too much fun not to share!

For those unfamiliar with the character, here’s the scoop – Road Ranger began his life as a GoBot! The toy itself was a red cab truck with a flatbed in tow, making it a stand in for kids that couldn’t get their hands on Optimus Prime.

The name Road Ranger would later find its way in to collector’s hands as part of an eHobby exclusive GoBots set released in 2004 (the set was comprised of mini bot repaints).

I’m an absolute sucker for nonconventional releases (ie – Diaclone & Gobot homages, et al). As such, when word was announced that Road Ranger would be offered as part of an Amazon Exclusive “Golden Disk” set, I knew that I had to add him to my collection. Quick FYI – Road Ranger was/is offered alongside Puffer; Sadly, I did not keep Puffer long enough to take pictures of him.

Road Ranger stands at about 5.5 inches tall and is predominantly Red & Black, with orange and silver highlights. Although “just a repaint”, the colors really help differentiate RR from his mold mates, which is odd to say, seeing that Huffer is orange himself.

Road Ranger includes (3) accessories – Two “bed walls” that snap together to form his weapon and his “bed floor” that doubles as one bad ass shield.

I really love how good RR looks holding his gear. His gun looks huge, but somewhat appropriate. His shield.

Road Ranger transforms in to a cab over truck that can haul a multitude of things, Optimus’ trailer included. I love the look of this mold in black, as the red windows really *POP*.

Here, I’ve placed my g1 Huffer in Road Ranger’s bed to give you an idea of size/scale. Deadpool decided to get in on the action, but unfortunately, wasn’t able to figure out the instructions.

Folks, if you get a chance and don’t mind a repaint, try to get your hands on this character (Or Puffer/Huffer). The mold is a lot of fun and one that I’m happy to have added to my shelf. Now, can we get the rest of the eHobby GoBots, please?

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