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Arco GoBots RoGun Water Pistol Pictorial Review

Today I figured I’d do something a bit different, as I received a blast from the past in the mail. With that said, before I get started, I’d like to give a quick shout out and thanks to Matt S. of Reklaimers Vintage Toys. His bad influence of an insta page caused me to pick up this particular piece.

Now that you’re caught up, on with the show! As noted, Matt reintroduced me to a friend that I haven’t seen since at least 1984, the GoBots RoGun Water Pistol by Arco!

Ah, the early 80’s…a much simpler time, as so elegantly illustrated by my RoGun friend here. Back in those days, my parents would mix & match Transformers and GoBots like no ones business (the nerve!) As such, this piece found its way into my childhood collection alongside the RoGun Cap Rifle.

Needless to say, he’s extremely limited on articulation, with the main points being his arms, his legs that retract as water is being shot (more on that later) and his “backpack” that turns in to the grip & trigger for the weapon.

His arms rotate 360 degrees, but as far as poseability goes….yeaaaaah, that’s about it. Sure, his legs extend, but that’s mostly to fill him with water. He has 4 stickers on the front of his body with no other decoration.

RoGun is made up of a translucent blue plastic, with gray legs and red arms. My Dad used to refer to this particular toy as the “Devo Bot” due to its “helmet”. Dad jokes, amirite?

All in all, his limitations are what make him so charming in today’s day and age, especially with so many toys that can perform extensive transformations.

In order to fill the pistol, you have to dunk RoGun’s head in to water and pull back on his legs. As you pull on the trigger, the legs retract and water squirts out. As noted above, simple, but so-much-fun to my 8 year old self.

For those of you that may be interested in a throwback toy like this, you can typically find it on eBay for anywhere from $15 – $50, depending on condition.

It’s been so much fun reliving those childhood moments of running around and squirting my Mom unforgivingly…now my Son gets to do the same.

Thanks, Matt!

2 comments on “Arco GoBots RoGun Water Pistol Pictorial Review

  1. Shockwave 75

    I just picked this guy, and one of the cap pistol guys at a toy show for $5, total, and I’ve been trying to find more info on them, so this was quite helpful!
    At a previous toy show my wife and I picked up the single barrel rifle with scope set, with their box. We love them! Yeah they’re totally basic, but that’s part of their charm! Now we just need the double barreled rifle to have the set.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh man, that is beyond awesome! Congrats on the pick ups, I’m not jealous at all! Maybe just a smidge, but still. 😀

      The Double Barreled Rifle is one that I also have super fond memories of; Long story short, my closet door was moving, so I transformed that rifle, jumped to the other side of my bed and was prepared to fight the Gremlin that I was sure was inside.

      Turned out to be our cat. =/ I wasted my last roll of caps firing at that furface, too. sigh. The good ole days.

      Merry Christmas!


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