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G.I.Joe Classified Waves 9 and 10 Revealed

You may recall that back in August, my friends from the What’s on Joe Mind? Podcast revealed the motherload of G.I.Joe Classified leaks. So far, they’ve batted 1.000, as every character on their list has been confirmed. Today makes no exception.

First and foremost, many thanks goes to friend of the ‘Port Alexius Lim for reaching out earlier today to confirm that The Falcon’s Hangar, an online retailer, had posted pre-orders for both G.I.Joe Classified Waves 9 and 10! The breakdown includes –

G.I.Joe Classified Wave 9 – Stalker, Tomax, Xamot

G.I.Joe Classified Wave 10 – Crimson Guard, Dusty, Zarana

The listings not only confirm what WOJM had shared this past Summer, but also coincide with the list of names revealed earlier this week by TKPrime17:

  • GIJ CS Ceres
  • GIJ CS Deimos
  • GIJ CS Nimbas
  • GIJ CS Pallas
  • GIJ CS Phobos
  • GIJ CS Vesta

No images as of yet, but if recent reveals are anything to go by, then these are going to look like their vintage counterparts.

I’ll be sure to bring you more details as they’re made available!

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