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Celebrate 40 Years of Eagle Force with GOREGILLS and More!

Want another reason to feel old? Here it comes – 2022 will mark the 40th Anniversary of Eagle Force, the military action figure line that pre-dated G.I.Joe by about a year or so. These small, die cast figures would later be reintroduced to the World by Fresh Monkey Fiction as part of their Eagle Force Returns revival line.

Fresh Monkey Fiction has partnered with BigBadToyStore to offer an exclusive line of Eagle Force 40th Anniversary action figures.

In celebration, BigBadToyStore is hosting an exclusive six week pre-order event! To kick off the event they are now offering 18 exclusive, 40th Anniversary figures.

One of the characters being offered is very near & dear to me, as well, it’s me! Check out GOREGILLS!

Eagle Force 4″ GOREGILLS BBTS Exclusive Figure – Surveillance Port

So, here’s a little blast from the past to get you caught up – Back in 2018, Chris Irving of The Drawn Word held a Kickstarter campaign for his Eagle Force Pulp: Face The Fear title.

One of the campaign incentives that was offered immortalized “you” as a R.I.O.T. character that would meet a grim demise. My character was named after me, but after falling in battle to The Cat, I was experimented on and became the fearsome GOREGILLS! (It’s a play on my last name)

Needless to say, I’m both honored and humbled by the fact that I’ll be immortalized in plastic. As a side note, I love the idea of giving an action figure to my son, so that I can always go on his adventures with him!

Now, each figure in this special campaign requires 500 orders to unlock, but as of the time of this writing, GOREGILLS is short by about 20, so it’s a safe bet to say he’ll be produced. THANK YOU, BILL & CHRIS FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN!

Now, GOREGILLS isn’t the only figure being offered, of course! There’s just As pre-order sales climb during the event, additional stretch goal figures will be unlocked so you can add them to your pre-orders.

Eagle Force fans should follow Fresh Monkey Fiction on social media for updates during the event, including exclusive images, behind-the-scenes material, stretch goal unlocks and just maybe a surprise or two.

Head on over to BBTS to get your pre order in for not only this wave, but other Eagle Force Returns waves that are up for grabs as well!

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