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G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Alley Viper and B.A.T. In-Hand Images

Happy Halloween, everyone! If you follow the Surveillance Port social accounts, then you already know that today was quite an exciting day for G.I.Joe Classified fans! Let’s give you the full picture and start from the beginning –

Friend of the ‘Port and all around awesome guy, Bobby Bee of beesbattlegrounds on Instagram, placed an order for a few Classified figures that were found under codenames on Walmart’s website –

For Bobby, it was a crapshoot. Get something new, or maybe end up with 3 Cobra Commander figures. Well, needless to say, Bobby came up aces, as the figures that were shipped to him are the upcoming G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Alley Viper and Battle Android Trooper!

Yeah, yeah, I know, pics or it didn’t happen; Check it out –

The links are no longer serving up the figures, so cheers to those lucky souls out there that got their hands on’em early. I’m loving the loadout on that Alley Viper!

The B.A.T.? C’mon, it’s a B.A.T., where can you go wrong?

No official pre-orders for either of these sexy beasts as of yet, but hopefully Hasbro will drop them soon, now that God & country are salivating. 🙂

A heartfelt thanks once again goes to Bobby Bee of beesbattlegrounds for the intel today! If you’re on Insta, make sure to give him a follow!

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  1. So which is which with the code names?!

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