Wow, what a great day to be a G.I.Joe fan!

Today, Hasbro’s PulseCon 2021 event was home to a G.I.Joe panel. If you’ve checked out articles from earlier today, you’ll note that there was indeed something for everyone.

G.I.Joe Classified fans were greeted with (8) new offerings. Vintage fans were given reason to celebrate, as o-ring offerings were revealed, alongside a HasLab project for a completely revamped vintage Skystriker!

I had an absolute blast covering today’s event. I hope you enjoyed checking it out alongside me! Coverage from the event is linked below.

Don’t forget, preorders are now open for Hasbro Pulse Premium members, with general preorders opening at 5pm EST!

Backing for the Skystriker is already open, so make sure to go pledge for one (or five!)

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