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G.I.Joe O-Ring Retro Collection Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow 2 Pack Revealed

If you’re a collector, it’s safe to say that you can find just about anything in a “retro” style nowadays. From Transformers to Ninja Turtles, it seems that every great toy line from the 80s has seen a re-launch in recent years.

When it came to G.I.Joe, sure, we saw relaunches, but nothing that was true retro. The Classified line caters t 1:12 (6″) collectors, where as the Walmart exclusive “Retro” line is/was based on the popular “Modern Era” style of G.I.Joe offerings.

Super7 has their 5 points of articulation G.I.Joe line, but to me, a 5 POA line defeats the purpose, doncha think?

Well my friends, it’s clear that Hasbro is listening to the market and collectors, as today at #HasbroPulseCon2021, a new O-Ring based retro 2 pack was revealed. Yes, you read that correctly, a two pack of o-ring figures is ready to go up for pre-order TODAY! Here’s the scoop –

The nostalgia is REAL with the G.I. Joe O-Ring Retro Collection Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow collection! You read that right, we’re bringing back the original o-ring design to these classic heroes and villains! Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 1982 animated series with this 2-pack of figures on their own Retro cardbacks!

Available for pre-order today beginning at 4:00pm ET for Hasbro Pulse Premium Members and 5:00pm ET for all fans!

With the secondary market as inflated as it is, I know I speak for many when I say that I’m beyond excited to be able to pick up these two, in retro packaging, at an affordable price…especially now that I can have backyard battles with my son! 🙂 

How many sets will you be snagging? 

2 comments on “G.I.Joe O-Ring Retro Collection Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow 2 Pack Revealed

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  2. LittleWolvie

    Not a bad set (a bit pricey if you ask me). So far, it hasn’t popped up yet in Europe (except maybe on Hasbro Pulse UK, but that’s off limits to us as well… yeeeeeeeh Hasbro… when are you finally going to fix this? For 2 years their customer service has been telling me they are working on it. Funko was able to do it in a couple of months, even though they are still based in the UK over here. :s ).
    The only thing that bothers me about this set is that the box art, which is amazing, shows Snake Eyes version 2, my favourite version, while the actual figure is the commando version 1 (a version that got a gazillion repaints in the early 2000’s)? I would have preferred a new version 2 or at least matching box art for version 1… Yeah, I admit it, I’m just annoyed by the fact this set isn’t available here (yet). 😉

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