Eagle Force Returns

The Drawn Word Presents Eagle Force Chronology Volume 1: 1977-1981

There’s some great news to share from my friend Chris Irving of The Drawn Word! Chris has shared word that he’s remastering and collecting ALL the Eagle Force Pulp novellas and relevant short stories into Eagle Force Chronology, a 400-page paperback that brings you the entire early Eagle Force saga, from the Cat pulps through to Skeletons in the Closet. 

Eagle Force Chronology collects all of the Eagle Force Pulp stories that take place between the periods of 1977 through 1981, remastered and collected in chronological order.

This edition collects:

  • The Cat: Eight Lives Left
  • The Cat: Seize the Castle
  • The Cat: Face the Night
  • The Cat: Search and Destroy
  • Coyote: Fear the Face
  • Jay Blackrope: Beneath the Face (by Dalfonzo Williams)
  • The Cat: To Catch the Cat
  • Eagle Force: Skeletons in the Closet
  • Tarantula: Clean Hands (by Dalfonzo Williams)
  • Baron Von Chill: Hostile Takeover (NEW for this collection)

Learn the origins of the heroes from the Eagle Force toy line in Eagle Force Chronology: 1977-1981. This 5″ x 8″ 400-page paperback is the perfect jumping-on point for new Eagle Force fans, and a must-have for established ones.

What is Eagle Force? Originally a short-lived toy line at Mego in the early 1980s, Fresh Monkey Fiction successfully brought them back as a series of modern military figures, Eagle Force Returns, this year.

The Eagle Force Pulp series has been Chris’ story and world-building of Eagle Force’s early days, all through the lens of former cat burglar turned spy Lee Fine, aka The Cat. He eventually finds himself part of this elite fighting team, Eagle Force, as they battle the Roving International Organization of Terror (R.I.O.T.). This first edition of Chronology traces his journey from 1977 to 1981, as he faces off against the first incarnation of R.I.O.T., led by the mysterious Direktor, and finds himself part of this new elite strike force.

You can opt from (2) cover styles, original and limited edition photo cover –

Eagle Force Chronology, Vol. 1 Pre-Order – Surveillance Port

You can also pick up an awesome Eagle Force Pulp shirt for your collection!

Eagle Force Pulp T-Shirt Pre Order – Surveillance Port

Wear your Eagle Force Pulp with pride with this limited Eagle Force Pulp t-shirt. Chris each out to confirm shirt size after the order is placed.

There’s no time to waste, folks! Pre-orders close on June 4th, so get’em while they’re hot! You know my order’s in! 🙂

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