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Snake Eyes G.I.Joe Origin Movie Trailer Online

Hey friends! Although I’m working hard behind the scenes on the site revamp, I wanted to share the Snake Eyes movie trailer here with you all! It was dropped in the early morning hours today, so in case you haven’t seen it as of yet, enjoy! –

A subsequent video was shared, giving a bit a breakdown. It also includes Larry Hama! Check it out –

My $0.02 – As a reenvisioning, this looks like a fun movie. It’s also an origin film, so it’s entirely premature to say whether or not this will follow marvel lore and disfigure SE or make him mute.

With that said, it seems like a lot of “hollywood” – Cars flipping, ma-ba-splosions, et al. I’m all for a fun action flick, so I’ll be giving this a shot and saving judgement for later.

One note though…yikes, can we turn up the contrast just a smidge? Although I love the neon-esque design, I’m getting old, man. Turn on the lights! lol 🙂

So, what are your thoughts on the trailer? Share the good, bad and ugly below in the comments!

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