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G.I.Joe Classified Major Bludd In Hand Review

Thanks to the fine folks at The Fwoosh, we now have our first in hand video review of the upcoming Target Exclusive Major Bludd figure (Cobra Island assortment). The team posted this last night but truth be told, I was too tired to climb out of bed (lol). Ok, old man rants aside, check this out –

So my friends, the hype (and figure) are real. Jay, one of the Surveillance Port Senior Data Vipers in the field, confirmed the information that was all but linked together to this point –

Major Bludd is indeed “Asteroid“; The same “Asteroid” that popped up on shipping manifests not too long ago. The oddity here is that his DPCI is 087-16-9916 which is of course different than the “General Release” that we’re used to seeing.

We still have roughly two months until Hasbro Pulse’s “G.I.Joe June” event; The event hasn’t been given a date as of yet, fingers crossed that it’s sooner than later.

I can promise you this – I’m not hunting this figure.

Do I want him? Sure do, Bludd is one of my favorite Joe characters.
Will I pre-order him? If given the opportunity.
Will I play the whole Target “oops, your order is being pushed out” game? Sure won’t.

I guess time will tell. Many thanks once again to Robo & The Fwoosh team for the review!

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