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G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Island Major Bludd Leaked On Ebay

Well, the cat is finally out of the bag thanks to eBay seller GALACTIC TRADESHIP. It appears as though this seller has the upcoming G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Major Bludd figure in hand, ready to be deployed to your front lines. Check him out –

To the dismay of just about everyone out there, this highly sought after character appears to be a Target Exclusive, hence the Cobra Island packaging. It was just earlier this month when Bludd re-appeared in Target’s system; I was thinking back to June 2020, when a gaggle of new G.I.Joe listings were found in Target’s system by JTPrime17. One of those listings was for Major Bludd. Of note was his UPC, indicating a general release.

The same listing was again reported on in October of 2020, as Major Bludd had reappeared in Target’s inventory system. Not sure what happened from them to now, but needless to say, let the games (and gripes) begin.

Will you be on the hunt for Major Bludd? I personally have given up on the Classified line, so good luck and happy hunting to all of you still in the thick of it.

2 comments on “G.I.Joe Classified Cobra Island Major Bludd Leaked On Ebay

  1. Major Bludd is asteroid. 19.99 correct Dpci is 087-16-9916

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