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Pre Order Open For 80s Commanders From Ramen Toy

The time is here! Ramen Toy has shared word that the early bird pre-order for their 80s Commander line, a homage to Centurions, is now open! Here are the details –

Reach out to 80sCommander@Gmail.com to get your order in for:

Item # 80C01 – Air Force Commander
Item # 80C02 – Armor Commander
Item # 80C03 – Naval Commander

You’re looking at $65 USD each with early bird pricing, $89.90 USD later on.

Happy shopping to you all!

2 comments on “Pre Order Open For 80s Commanders From Ramen Toy

  1. The doom sayers on some sites are annoying. I’m all in on this.

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    • Aren’t they just a joy? It’s almost as if PayPal buyer protection and Credit Card chargebacks don’t exist.

      I love that some people who are very “well to do” in the toy community are complaining that these aren’t licensed, while promoting 3rd party Transformers /headscratcher

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