Great news to share! Carson of was invited to a sit down with the current Hasbro G.I.Joe Team! He’ll be sharing a detailed breakdown of the meeting sometime this coming weekend, but was kind enough to share a detailed list of cliff notes to whet our appetites! Check it out –

Classified: They are well aware of the distribution issues, especially with the Target Cobra Island exclusives. It was a combination of underestimating demand and Covid related manufacturing and distribution challenges. They ARE planning re-runs and re-issues (like the Cobra Trooper exclusive —> Cobra Infantry non-exclusive release). They ARE considering vehicles but want to make sure they can do them well. News and announcements are coming in June! (six weeks out)

Retro: more figures are coming, they would not confirm the wave 4 leak, or who those characters might be. They did not mention more vehicles, although we didn’t have time to ask.

Movie: $9.99 figures will differentiate from the $19.99 figures both in articulation, action feature ($9.99 has them, $19.99 does not), AND packaging. $9.99 will come on blister cardbacks, while $19.99 will remain in boxes. $9.99 artwork will be more uniform and movie inspired (not yet shown), while $19.99 artwork (already shown) continues the Classified packaging tradition of commissioning a unique artist for each package.

VINTAGE/CLASSIC figures: O-ring is NOT dead! They DO hear your calls for O-ring figures on social. They find it exciting and makes them want to push to make it a reality. Keep up the chatter, they are listening!

One item of note: the four Hasbro folks on the line with us today were very nice, genuinely enthusiastic fans of G.I.Joe. They read what you write, so please be kind to the four people on this planet that are most likely to give us what we’d like to see when it comes to the future of G.I.Joe!
Stay tuned for a full recap with Chris and Carson on the Full Force this Saturday!

Interesting to say the least! I’ll keep my fingers crossed and see what pans out. Many thanks to Carson for the intel! Make sure to keep it locked on for more on this piece this weekend!

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