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Flame Toys Reveal Furai Model Speed And Arashikage Cycles

Now this is cool! You may recall that not too long ago, Flame Toys revealed their upcoming Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow Furai Model Kits.

Well, no discerning Ninja can be without a way to get around town, so check out the latest Furai Model projects, the Speed Cycle & Arashikage Cycle!

As we have announced the project of [Furai Model] Snake eyes & Storm Shadow before, it is a must that their personal Bike cannot be missed ! The project of [Furai Model] Speed Cycle & Arashikage Cycle is started !!!

From [風雷模型-Furai Model-] 2 items will be produced!

①『 Arashikage Cycle -For Storm Shadow-』🌪️

② 『Speed ​​Cycle -For Snake Eyes-』


These are going to look SHARP alongside Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow! What are your thoughts on these? Will you be picking them up, or skipping all together?

2 comments on “Flame Toys Reveal Furai Model Speed And Arashikage Cycles

  1. Wish we had these in the 90s, Ninja force collection 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh man, you just brought back so many fond memories of that Ninja Lightning cycle!

      We got a pair of cycles in Valor vs Venom too. Can’t wait to see these up close & personal!


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