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Joy Toy Battle For The Stars X12 Attack Support Robot Revealed

JOY TOY – 暗源 has revealed the latest offering in their 1:18 scale Battle For The Stars series – Check out the X12 Attack Support Robot (Firepower Type). Seeing that this piece has been assigned a type leaves me hopeful that we’ll see other types of support robots in the line. With that said, check out the X12 –

New product!

•Fully painted.
•Joints can be moved.
•Can be transformed into a defensive form.
•Turret can be removed for use by the figures.
•Can be matched and played with other figures.
•It is about 10.5 cm high.

Expected to be released in mid-April


I love the introduction of battlefield robots in to some of our favorite 1:18 lines and JOY TOY – 暗源 ‘s latest offering is no different. Will you be adding the X12 to your collection?

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