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Ramen Toy Shares Protoypes Of Upcoming 80s Commanders Series

This past January, Ramen Toy exploded onto the scene with a reveal of their upcoming 80s Commanders line of action figures based on the Centurions! This homage line was an instant hit and fans were clamouring for more.

Our friends from Ramen Toy have taken your feedback and have went back to the drawing board. Their efforts have resulted in a new, smaller scale offering (1:12/6″) and needless to say, look fantastic, even at this early stage! Check’em out –

Progress on 80s Commanders.We have incorporated the joints and have rescaled them to 6 inches. (We wasted the money on the 1st prototype in 7 inches 1/10 scale.)Here you can see how they line up with Classified Series Snake Eyes & SHF 1989 Batman.Please do not worry as Armor Commander is missing a part. It was missed in the 3D print, as well as some fist hands option parts. We will now refine the prototype and come up with a final prototype with sale price by the next month. We mention May before but we are speeding up thanks to all the great support. We want to bring these to you to show our quality action figures as soon as possible.

These protos are looking sharp! I cannot wait to see these bad boys in color, let alone in hand. Will you be picking up the 80s Commanders from Ramen Toy? You know I will! 

5 comments on “Ramen Toy Shares Protoypes Of Upcoming 80s Commanders Series

  1. personalpest

    Gotta admit, I wish the figures were still 7″. However, other fans complained and Ramen Toys responded, so good for them. Besides, maybe the size reduction will lead to a price reduction?

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    • I too wish they would’ve stuck to their guns.
      That said, being a 1:18 collector, I never noticed how truly rabid some 1:12 fans are (yikes).

      Regardless, I’m still in. These look like they’re going to be a lot of fun…and as you mentioned, hopefully nice on the wallet as well.

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      • personalpest

        Yeah, the 1:12 guys started saying “But these won’t fit with the rest of my collection!” and Ramen decided to listen, which I can hardly blame them for.

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      • Agreed. I mean, if it were my call, they’d be 4″, because I’m old and stuck in the past.

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      • personalpest

        If the Centurions figures are too small, the weapons might not attach to them properly.

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