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Guillermo Olivo Presents Plastic Chats

Guillermo Olivo, the man behind the Plastic Crack Docu-Series has announced a new venture coming our way, Plastic Chats!

So “we did a thing…” – We have a nice announcement to make while we keep working SUPER hard editing the following season of Plastic Crack, and little teaser…. We are sure it’s going to be a bigger, cooler, more international and amazing brand new season!

Tonight, we are super excited to announce a special set of one of a kind interview series that we will be releasing very soon! With a myriad of special guests who were kind enough to share their time and passion for the hobby with us, while chatting with our very own @theguilleolivo who steps in front of the lens for the first time in his career. We will be exploring subjects that we don’t cover in Plastic Crack but also, showing on camera never seen before content and A LOT… mind you… A LOT of unique (and sometimes even exclusive) Toy Talk!

We can’t thank you enough for your support and patience! So while we finish Season 2 we hope you enjoy this brand new short series from us.
PLASTIC CHATS! Made with plastic love. COMING SOON in multiple outlets!

I’ll be sure to bring you more details as they’re made available. Stay tuned!

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