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Nightwolf Military Operations Vehicle Kickstarter Campaign Is Live

Heads up! The Kickstarter campaign for the Nightwolf Military Operations Vehicle from Uru Toys and Zica Tosy is now LIVE! Here’s the scoop from the campaign –

ZICA Toys is very excited to be partnering up with URU Toys on an awesome new project that will hopefully be a hit with collectors of 1/18 scale military and sci-fi action figures, the Nightwolf!  Designed by URU Toys to offer modular customization options via interchangeable accessory pieces, the Nightwolf can be equipped with the necessary protection and firepower for the battle at hand.  Normally these accessory pieces would be purchased separately, however, as a Kickstarter exclusive we’re offering all of these additional pieces as a free bonus.

The base model Nigthwolf, which will be offered post Kickstarter, will only include a top turret (pictured) and no rear cover accessory.  The Kickstarter version will include two extra turrets and two rear cover accessories, which add up to a $40 value that Kickstarter backers are getting for free.

Nightwolf base model, this will be the standard retail version.
Nightwolf base model with Kickstarter exclusive free accessories.

 Prototype Images and Color Renders

 Nightwolf Prototype Photo Gallery 

Marcelo Bugna of URU Toys!

 project video thumbnail

International Backers

Unfortunately we can’t offer this campaign to international backers and deeply apologize for that inconvenience.  The reason for this decision is due to the large size of the Nightwolf vehicle which makes it virtually impossible to calculate fair and accurate international shipping charges under the current Kickstarter format.  Assuming the Kickstarter funds we will do our best to hopefully offer a limited exclusive deal for international customers.

Risks and challenges

ZICA Toys is a firm believer in the philosophy of expect the unexpected, but taking into consideration how great our new factory and project manager have handled previous projects, I’m very confident that this one will be delivered within the time frame given. There are projects currently in the works that haven’t required the use of Kickstarter and their progress continues to go very well.

Will you be throwing down $60 to bring the Night Wolf to your Motor Pool? 

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  1. Looks awesome. Rubber tires would make it even better

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