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Black Major Toys 2021 Cobra Paratrooper Pictorial Review

It’s #BlackMajorMonday! This time around, we focus on the oh-so-awesome 2021 Black Major Cobra Paratrooper!

In case you weren’t aware, Black Major has brought the fan-favorite Trooper mold back to the front line as part of an onslaught of new offerings the Major has called “Operation: Cobra Clutch”! I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing another pair of ’21 trooper offerings, namely the Python Officer & Trooper, also courtesy of magnus_zb. Make sure to give him a follow on insta, will ya?!

Ok, formalities aside, let’s get to it! First and foremost, let me start by saying that this ’21 assortment of troopers just feels different. My hat’s off to the Major, as these figures feel as though they’re made with a different kind of plastic. Could be just me though, so don’t take my word for it, make sure to reach out to Magnus and snag one or twelve of these for yourself.

The Cobra Paratrooper has a very basic, yet visually pleasing paint scheme of dark gray, with black highlights and not only a bright red Cobra logo on his chest, but also on the side of his helmet, which is really all sorts of awesome. The logos are pretty clean too, so they really do pop right off of the figure. I love that the color chosen works perfectly for a Paratrooper, as I can imagine a team jumping in the dark, ready to take down their enemy at a moment’s notice. The paint apps are really well done on the sample I have in hand, even down to the knee pads! Needless to say, he looks right at home alongside the ’21 Cobra Blue Shirt and Python Patrol offerings.

What I really dig about these new offerings is that they include the assault rifle from the Pursuit of Cobra Shock Trooper. It looks fantastic with this vintage style offering and really helps the figure feel new, even though we’ve seen this mold plenty of times. He also includes his classic Sniper rifle and a back pack to help him lug around all of that bad assery.

The bottom line: QC is on point, paint apps pop and needless to say, the new helmet logo is FIRE. You need one of these in your vintage line up, trust me.

Speaking of which, a drawing for this exact figure will be going up on Instagram, courtesy of Magnus (the guy rocks, doesn’t he?). Make sure that you’re following magnus_zb and surveillance_port on instagram, as those are part of the requirements to be entered in to the drawing. More inbound via insta, so stay tuned for details!

I had an absolute blast reviewing this new Cobra Paratrooper. I hope you enjoyed the review! Cheers to Black Major for another home run!

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