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Joy Toy Battle For The Stars 4TH Legion Stina Revealed

Hot on the heels of their reveal of Hermione yesterday comes our first look at Stina, a member of the 4th Legion and the latest edition to the Battle for the Stars series! Here’s the scoop:

JOYTOY 暗源 1/18 Scale Battle For The stars series: 4th Legion Stina

•Highly articulated.
•Highly detail
•Full body armor can be removed
It is about 10.5 cm high.
•Full body armor
•Combat knife
•double bladed sword
•Replacement arm
•Replacement hand
•Replacement head
Expected to be released at the end of March 2021

Yet another fantastic offering from JOY TOY! To think, some companies think that female characters don’t sell…lol yeah, right. 

BE on the look out for pre-orders at your favorite e-tailer this March! 

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