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Toys Alliance Announces New Wave Of Street Weapons

Oh yeah! Toys Alliance has announced a 2nd wave of Street Weapons! These blind boxed weapons are compatible with 1:18 scale offerings and are all sorts of fun. Check it out –

1:18街頭武器盲盒 (A/B/C/D/E/F款)
From the multicolor box series last time, the secend STREET WEAPONS series are coming! This time we have the box with black and dark brown color, each set is also come with wine bottles and water cups, and it is possible to get the SECRET GOLD MACE in any ! Recommend to 1:18 movable dolls or other proportional toys. In addition, they can also be stacked, allowing you to create various scenes!

  • This product is packaged in a “blind box” and shipped randomly, so it is possible to get the same set of products multiple times.

Yeah, I could use a few flasks and a SECRET GOLDEN MACE myself, so you better believe I’ll be scooping a few of these up! 

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