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Black Major Toys 2021 Python Patrol Trooper And Officer Pictorial Review

2021 has been great for collectors of Black Major figures, as the fan-favorite Trooper mold has been brought back to the front line as part of an onslaught of new offerings the Major has called “Operation: Cobra Clutch”!

It’s my honor to share a review of the Diamondback Python Patrol Trooper and Officer, also known as the “Magnus Python Troopers”, courtesy of magnus_zb! Make sure to read on through to the end for details on a free giveaway for these very figs!

I may be off in my assumption here, but these new Troopers feel different than past releases. The plastic used here feels a bit sturdier and the paint masks/apps are much cleaner than other trooper releases I’ve owned. The gray diamondback pattern is fantastic on this figure, as the white, yellow, black and red highlights absolutely pop off of the mold. I’m loving the new load out, as the Shock Trooper weapon makes a great compliment for vintage figures, especially the trooper.

Although I really dug the green scheme on the last set of Python Troopers we received, they weren’t of much use outside of a jungle environment. These Magnus Python Troopers look great in any city dio and of course look great alongside the vintage Python Patrol team…which would have been great to include, had I not sold all of mine. Sigh. Eh, at least I can show you a shot of the new Magnus Python Trooper alongside the killer new Blueshirt and Paratrooper.

Needless to say, I can’t recommend this set enough. Make sure to reach out to magnus_zb on Instagram, as these will not be available for long. While you’re there, make sure to pick up some of the new Paratroopers as well. Magnus was kind enough to supply one to review, so you can expect to see him in all his glory later this week. Here a few shots to whet your appetite until then –

After the Paratrooper review drops, I’ll be sharing word on how you can add these sexy mofos to your collection, absolutely free!

To enter, make sure you’re following magnus_zb and Surveillance Port on Instagram! It’s THAT easy! I’ll share more on the drawing later, but until then, make sure to snag your Magnus Python Trooper and Python Officer before they’re gone…because trust me, they will be!

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  1. Terrific color scheme! These will sell out for sure 🙂

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