Wizards Of The Coast Reveal Digital G.i.joe Game In The Works

Hasbro’s Investor Day event was chock full of awesome. First we received word of a new Live Action G.I.Joe series, then came word of a new digital G.I.Joe game in the works by the fine folks over at Wizards of the Coast!

The screen grabs shared by WOTC give us a look at a few fan favorites, such as Scarlett and Snake Eyes, who appears to be sporting a prosthetic leg (cool!). Not only that, but we get a look at a transforming H.I.S.S. tank, whose treads turn in to bipedal legs, similar to the AT-ST from Star Wars.

Now, Since Wizards typically deals with card games, we’ll have to see what this new digital game from G.I.Joe has to offer. With that said, count me in!

2 comments on “Wizards Of The Coast Reveal Digital G.i.joe Game In The Works

  1. LittleWolvie

    Considering the not so impressive history of GI Joe games, I’ll remain skeptical for now. 😉

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    • My optimism is based on Wizards’ involvement. That said though, I need more details outside of the fact that this is a digital game. Hopefully a presser goes out sooner than later.

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