G.I.Joe x Fortnite CROSSOVER Inbound

So, back in October 2020 (what feels like an eternity ago), a teaser was shared by Epic Games CCO Donald Mustard. In it, we got a glimpse of Snake Eyes. This of course led fans of both franchises to believe that a crossover was on the way.

Earlier today, Donald took to Twitter again, this time with an issue of “Silent Interlude” in hand, Arashikage tattoo proudly displayed on his arm. Heck, even his Twitter location was updated. Talk about building up hype! I know folks like MacDowin, JoeBattlelines and myself were geeking for sure.

The best part…Well, the collab has been all but literally confirmed. Check it out –

So there you have it, folks. SNAKE EYES is on his way to Fortnite! Tell you what, I’m not much of a Fortnite player, but this has definitely piqued my interest. Count me in!

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