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For this edition of #blackMajorMonday, I’m taking a look back at my review of the Black Major Red Shadows Eel and Red Shadows Snake Armor!

Black Major Red Shadows Eel and SNAKE Armor - Surveillance Port 01

Over the course of last year, I’ve reviewed the many of Black Major’s Trident Series, including the Eel De AcoCopperhead Swamp Eel and Eel Replicant. For this pictorial review, I shifted my sights across the pond with a look at one of the more sought after figures in the Trident wave, the Red Shadow Eel.

Primary colors always pop, but there’s something about the rich red used as the base color on this mold that really makes it something special. Its black & silver highlights blend perfectly, with the iconic Red Shadows Skull & Cross Bones logo dead center of the trooper’s chest.

In terms of QC, my figure only had one issue, but it’s glaring – a bit of flash on top of his head. Other than that, the figure is perfect, for all intents and purposes. He includes the classic Eel gear, with a scuba gear, fins & harpoon gun.

The color scheme of the Red Shadows allows this mold to stand out as more than just an Eel repaint. Side by side, they look more like different characters than mold mates. 

I’m very happy to have had a chance to fiddle with this release. It’s most definitely a must for you Red Shadows collectors out there. 

Speaking of musts for you Red Shadows fans, let’s shift our attention over to the another release from the Black Major Catalog, the Red Shadows SNAKE Armor! 

I’ll admit it – I arrived late to the Black Major SNAKE armor party. Also, for sake of full disclosure, I wasn’t too fond of a few of the releases. Not to say that they weren’t awesome, they just weren’t for me. 

Then I came across this bad ass piece of equipment. Folks, let me start with this – Black Major bootlegging SNAKE Armors is a dream come true. For those after the original on the secondary market, you’ll note that the rubber is typically rotting out, or the armor is discolored. Nevermind trying to find blue armor or the Action Force exclusive Escape Armour at a decent price…but I digress. 

As with the Red Shadows Eel, the Red Shadows SNAKE Armor is elegant in its simplicity – Red and Black are the primary colors here, with the only splash of white coming in the form of the classic Red Shadows Logo. The SNAKE includes 4 attachments and can accommodate your favorite 1:18 scale action figure. If you can get your hands on one for a decent price, please do so, as these armors are worth every penny. 

 Shout out to Breetz78 and Jason Luckey for the Eel and Armor respectively, a pleasure as always, Gents! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the Red Shadows Eel & SNAKE Armor from Black Major. Drop your comments below and stay tuned for the next pictorial coming soon!  


  1. Red Shadows FTW!

    Fantastic article, as always, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eman Liame

    Neat, but just repainting every Cobra thing into Red Shadows dilutes whatever the Red Shadows are or were.


  3. Does anyone know if Black Major sell these direct or only through 3rd party vendors? Looking for a home site but nothing pops up on Googles first search page and I’m too lazy to go to the second page. And too old.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! Hey Pete! Your best bet is to check on Instagram. Look up:

      Black Major Toys
      Black Major Nation

      From there, individual sellers like magnus_zb would be the route to take. Happy hunting!


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