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G.I.Joe Retro Cobra Fang Review By Stan Chan

By way of Stan Chan and the Mr. Stan Show YouTube Page comes a video review of the upcoming G.I.Joe Retro wave 2 Cobra FANG gyrocopter! Check it out –

Many thanks to Stan for the review! Here are a few of the original promo shots in case you’re interested:

What are your thoughts? Is this piece something that you’re looking forward to adding to your collection?

5 comments on “G.I.Joe Retro Cobra Fang Review By Stan Chan

  1. Well, the quality of design isn’t nearly as good as the original. What’s hard to see on the sales ads are all of the screw holes on the left side. It looks like a cheap knock off.

    I’ve really enjoyed taking my time building a fresh AWE Striker and HISS, but am really going to have to pass on this FANG. I was able to look past the stubby tail, but this just looks cheap and poorly done.

    Hasbro just hasn’t shown up with their A game. I assume they are just lazy, because they clearly have some capability, if not ability to perform modern distribution.

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    • Agreed on all fronts. When the FANG was first unveiled I tried to look beyond its obvious faults. As is, it looks like an over glorified chap mei offering.


  2. LittleWolvie

    Add to this the fact it’s quite expensive, especially compared to the previously released HISS and AWE Striker.

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  3. Anybody else find it weird that Hasbro is investing new molds for vehicle drivers but not for the single release figures (with the exception of Roadblock)? The Hiss Driver, Crankcase and this pilot all have new sculpt elements (which I’m thankful for), but wouldn’t it make more sense to put that effort into making the best versions of well established characters?

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    • Yes Sir, a bit off.

      I’ve all but canceled my pre-orders for wave 3 outside of the FANG. I may cancel that as well.


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