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JOY TOY Battle For The Stars Series 09ST Legion – Fear (ASSAULT) 1:18 SCALE MECHA

1:18 scale fans, rejoice! JOY TOY – 暗源 has shared a large collection of their upcoming 1:18 scale mecha, the Battle for the Stars series 09st Legion – Fear (Assault) Mech! Check it out –

From JT:

New product!

JOYTOY #暗源 1/18 Scale Battle For The stars series: 09st Legion-FEAR(Assault).#MECHA

•Highly articulated.
•whole body got coating and weathering!
•It is about 32cm high.
Expected to be released in January 2021
If you like it, please give me a like:)
We will work harder.

darksource #118scale #375inch #militarytoys #actionfigures

I’d recommend keeping it locked on your favorite e-tailer, as this is one piece that is sure to sell out, as it appears to be on EVERYONE’s radar. Sure, it may not come with a pilot, but does that really matter? Look at that thing. LOOK. AT. IT. It’s glorious. I need it. NEED

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