Super7 G.I.Joe Super Cyborg Cobra B.A.T. Now Available

Heads up! No need to wait for a pre-order, as the Super Cyborg Cobra B.A.T. from Super7 is now available for your purchasing pleasure! Here’s the scoop –

Super7’s first G.I. Joe figure! Doctor Mindbender’s creation, the Cobra Battle Android Trooper (B.A.T.) looks ready to unleash indiscriminate battlefield mayhem! Along with seven points of articulation, the Super Cyborg Cobra B.A.T. stands 11” tall and features a clear removable torso panel for easy battlefield maintenance- or just to see the inner workings. Your figure will come with a gripper claw, laser cannon, and flamethrower accessories, and will be a fearsome addition to your G.I. Joe collection!

Product Material/Process 
Injected Plastic & Paint

Product Accessories 
Gripper claw, laser cannon, flamethrower

Package Dimensions (in)
8″ x 13.5″ x 5″

Product Dimensions (in)


Weight (grams)

Weight (oz)


Packaging Artist 




License/Collab Info

G.I. Joe


Country of Origin


I absolutely love Super Cyborg style offerings and this Cobra B.A.T. is most certainly no different! Will you be adding one or more to your collection?

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