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B2Five Reveals Upcoming ACID RAIN, VOTOMs and Robotech Offerings

My friends from B2.Five have shared more images of their upcoming wave 2 assortment of VOTOMs alongside their highly anticipated Robotech Battler Cyclone and Saber Cylone releases! Check it out –

First up, we get a glimpse of the 2nd wave of VOTOMS offerings, including one of my personal favorites ,the Snapping Turtle!

Next up, a set of releases that I’m particularly excited for, Rand, Scott & Lancer from Robotech! The 3 figures don’t appear to be parts-forming, but I’ll get verification on that and report back. I seriously cannot wait for these releases!

Now, in case you missed my posts on social a couple of weeks ago, here are images of these offerings are the Taipei Toy Festival. Also included in the assortment are images of new Acid Rain World releases, including new the Slugger Laurel, Mauler Stronghold, Ceberus C2, Worker Laul, Bison Stronghold and Forsetti Shield Viking 3 Pack.

So. much. awesome! Stay tuned, as I’ll be sure to bring you galleries of each of these killer new B2.FIVE releases once they’ve arrived .

On that note, enjoy some Mospeada goodness –

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