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Snake Eyes: Origins Special Presentation At Tokyo ComicCon

Heads up! Tokyo ComicCon has shared word thata special trailer presentation of Snake Eyes: Origins will be aired at the event this Saturday, December 5th at 11pm!

Here’s a roughly translated breakdown from TCC:

[#東京コミコン2020 Stage information] 5th (Sat) 11: 15 ~ Urgent presentation! “GI Joe: Jet Black Snake Eyes” Special Video The long-awaited action blockbuster latest information scheduled to be released in 21 years, which is also a hot topic in Japan! !! Unlimited viewing of all stages for 550 yen! Ticket purchase:スネークアイズ

#東京コミコン2020 ステージ情報】 5日(土)11時15分~ 緊急プレゼン!『G.I.ジョー:漆黒のスネークアイズ』スペシャル映像 日本ロケも話題の21年公開予定の待望のアクション超大作最新情報!! 550円で全ステージ見放題!チケット購入は:スネークアイズ

550 yen (roughly $5.30 USD at the current exchange rate), gets you access to all non-public areas of Tokyo ComicCon’s virtual show, including: 

  • Signed autographs
  • Panel Discussions, trailers and other various video presentations
  • Virtual tour of Artist Alley (12/4)
  • Stage Shows (12/4) 
  • More! 

I can’t wait to see what this “Jet Black” theme is, but more so, I’m glad to finally share word on an actual trailer viewing! Make sure to click through above to register for the event. See you there! 

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