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Eagle Force Returns December 2020 Update

Here’s one update that has been a long time coming. Bill from Fresh Monkey Fiction has sent out word that the factory that is now handling the Eagle Force Returns line is finalizing production and starting the process of packing & shipping! Bill notes that he was hoping the shipment would’ve been on the open ocean last month, but it looks like that’ll happen in a couple of weeks. Check out a few shots of the final product, along with images of the extra head sets –


The following is a direct copy/paste from the latest campaign update:

If all goes well with customs we’ll have the figures in hand in mid/late January so we can start fulfillment sometime in February. Fulfillment will take a couple months as we get all the orders out, we’ll keep you updated but we ask for just a bit more of your patience as we get the figures out the door. We’re just as excited as you are to finally get these figures in your hands.

If you were a part of the Eagle Force Trading Card Kickstarter and ordered a RIOT Stealth Pilot that figure it will ship with your order from this campaign.

If you ordered a custom figure, those will be delivered separately toward the end of our fulfillment cycle, as we need to customize your figure once we get our figures delivered.

Once the figures hit the boat we will be locking in address and will send notifications for you to adjust your address in our system. We’ll send an update when we send those out, so you can look in your email box.

I just wanted to mention the for those of you who ordered the Eagle Island and accessories, all domestic orders have been shipped and the international orders will ship in early January. If you have any issues or need to contact D&J you can email direct at j_man_la@yahoo.com please cc freshmonkeyfiction@gmail.com on any correspondence so we can make sure any issues are resolved.

Thanks everyone, we are so excited to get these figures in your hands.


A hint of what’s to come in 2021:

That teaser though! ALL GOLD EVERYTHING!

It’s been a long ride. 2021 will mark 5 years since the Kickstarter launched. That said, Bill’s outstanding communication and determination to get his funders their product is something that I hope many will be appreciative of (although I’m sure they are).

I’ll be sure to bring you pictorials once the figures arrive, so stay tuned. Congrats to Bill and all involved! 

4 comments on “Eagle Force Returns December 2020 Update

  1. LittleWolvie

    It’s something I see returning with most Kickstarter projects, the unexpected delays and issues that come up during the project, also often due to a lack of experience, especially with the production part being so far away. And an additional Covid-19 crisis doesn’t help of course. But most seem to learn from this. The first Marauder kickstarter was also plagued by many problems and resulting delays. But by now they seem to know how it works and their new projects usually run quite smoothly. This being said, I remain a cool lover of kickstarters. I understand the idea behind it and the possibilities it offers to realize some things that otherwise might be near impossible. But there seems to be quite some abuse these days as well. Does a giant like Hasbro really need a kickstarter to bring us a giant Sentinel? And as I’ve stated before, most of these (toy related) projects have a North-American origin and rarely take the international aspect into account. The production might be in China, but the main target is still very much domestic.

    Liked by 1 person

    • One take away from your post that I want to highlight is the Hasbro piece. I ❤ that no one really pays mind to the fact that Hasbro could easily produce anything they choose without need for a fund raising campaign.

      The campaign allows them to minimize loss, which sure, I get…but shouldnt' that in turn equate to some sort of savings/value for the consumer?

      Pssh, silly me, of course not!


      • LittleWolvie

        *LOL* I think your first mistake was to actually believe that Hasbro cares about customers/consumers. 😉

        The only positive thing I’ve to say about that Sentinel project (actually, that’s too negative on my part. It looks like an amazing piece and it comes with lots of extra pieces and even 2 6-inch figs), is the fact that Hasbro was the first one (yeah, I’m also looking at you Todd McFarlane with your Spawn kickstarter!) that took the international aspect into account and worked together with a European distributor for this. So, I was able to pre-order it domestically for an acceptable price, without having to pay an arm and a leg (yeah, I tried my wife and dog, but nobody seems interested 😛 ) to import it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • You sinner, of course they care! =/

        I’ll see myself out now.


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