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G.I.Joe Valor vs Venom And Direct To Consumer Test Shots On Ebay

Yikes, just when I thought I had collected all of the G.I.Joe Test shots posted by eBay seller ssushop, he’s gone and posted another collection of offerings from the early 00s!

The time around, the assortment focuses heavily on Valor vs Venom and DTC (Direct to Consumer) releases from 2005. The assortment includes quite a few comic pack releases as well, but only one 6 pack figure offering this time around. Check it out –

Valor vs Venom Era Comic 3 Packs

Toys’R’Us Exclusive Crimson Guard Force

Direct to Consumer era Comic 3 Packs

Ok, I think I’m all caught up now! You know, going over these listings brings back wave after wave of nostalgia. Sure, the DTC/VvsV era offerings had their faults, but the lines were so true to the essence of G.I.Joe – Imaginative characters, fun play features and needless to say, variety. Having product readily available at Toys’R’Us didn’t hurt, either. 

Sigh, what a different time it was – the DTC line didn’t do well because folks weren’t shopping online. Can you believe that? I’m old. lol. 

On that note, happy hunting to all of you that get in on this latest round of auctions! I’ll keep you posted should any more pop up! 

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